Dance Styles

Santhosh Dance offers latin dance, salsa and dance fitness classes in Notting Hill and central London. View our current dance class schedule.

Fast beats, quick steps and a Latin flair are all characteristics of Salsa dance. Salsa is a popular form of social dance from Cuba

Rumba is the slowest of the international Latin styles with a very smooth, sensual and playful look and feel.

Our signature Latin dance fitness class is a high-energy, endorphin-boosting dance workout, combining uplifting Latin and pop tunes and Latin dance moves.

American Smooth is a form of ballroom dancing with an extended repertoire of steps that can be included.

Cha cha is a true Latin dance of Cuban origin created from Mambo and Rumba.

Slow and rhythmic Kizomba is a close and sensual dance. Derived from Semba in Angola, often called the African Tango

Bachata is a popular dance and music form native to the Dominican Republic which is widely danced all over the world.

The Hustle is a catchall name for some disco dances which were popular in the 1970’s.