“If you want to move your body, go for it on a Santhosh Dance Retreat at Ibiza’s Casa La Vista villa – it’s the most fun you’ll have had in years.” – Conde Nast Traveller

Bespoke Retreats

Here at Santhosh, we believe that life is a collection of meaningful moments and we understand how happiness and kinship can be fostered when we share such moments with a group of like-minded spirits. Our bespoke retreats are designed to help bring friends together in a truly magical location, that is both breathtakingly beautiful and luxuriously secluded.

Our team specialises in curating retreats for groups of 12-14 people, recommending that you combine rest, recreational activities and laughter. As our company name suggests, Santhosh is in pursuit of one thing – happiness – and we aim to ensure you leave our retreats feeling fulfilled and bursting with joy.

"Ultra-exclusive tailor-made trips, based in Ibiza and Sri Lanka, that offer the ultimate in personalised wellbeing itineraries… Santhosh creates a unique retreat."
“Sweating it out at Pacha would have the same effect, but Santhosh dance retreats, in an Ibizan villa by the sea, are a much more civilised weight-loss tactic.”