Dance your way to the truth / The truth doesn't miss a step

Baby, don't wait for Johnny. Get out of your corner and hotfoot it to Ibiza. Rediscover joy, friendship, purpose and maybe even your true self, one Latin step at a time, at our first Santhosh Dance Retreat from March 19 to 23.

For this uniquely curated experience at Six Senses Ibiza, Santhosh founder, Samiya Noordeen and her team of professionally-trained, highly-experienced instructors – many of them West End stars and professional competition dancers – lead you through all styles and genre of dance, with a guest Tango Maestro joining from Argentina.

Santhosh means happiness in Sanskrit, so prepare to dance yourself happy at the Six Senses Ibiza Santhosh Retreat from March 19 to 23. 

“My philosophy for Santhosh is to think with your heart rather than your mind,” says former barrister and mother of three, Samiya Noordeen. “When you do this, your intuitive self is attracted to the truth. You’ll find a sense of freedom and joy in the way you live.”

Her own truth came to her stood on top of Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka having climbed the “sacred footprint” at night. As the sun rose, she asked herself, who am I and what have I become? The answer led her mother to believe she had lost the plot. Her mother can relax. Ten years on, she has a vibrant dance studio in London and glowing testimonials about her life-affirming retreats.  

“Dancing reconciles our love for movement with our love for rhythm. As babies, we love movement, and it’s one of the first things we do. It is encompassed in who we are and what we are attracted to. But as adults we become fearful. The fear comes from showing ourselves. Often, we have the saboteur voice in us that we are not good enough or we don’t look good enough. Santhosh provides the laughter, but also the structure of the dance style, which provides a safe space,” says Samiya.

Learning styles such as Salsa and the American Smooth, the retreat mixes group classes with one-on-one instruction. Dances are choreographed to great soundtracks to encourage everyone to let go and enjoy themselves.  

“Everyone fills out a form before the retreat. Usually, I receive a list of ankle or knee problems a mile long as a get-out clause just in case,” Samiya continues. “By day two, everyone realizes that they are all in the same boat and that moving is the most natural thing to do. By moving you’re shifting your psyche, how you think and how you see yourself. The confidence grows and you start to take more risks. Whereas yoga and meditation practices are essential for peace, dance is the key to joy. When you’re a joyful person, you can move on to your purpose. Everyone wants to be in the light.”

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” E. E. Cummings

There are many different types of dancing and many ways to dance, from the structured, to the technical and the earthy. “The possibilities are endless. Dancing lights up the fire that we all have within us. The combination of movement and music to me is unbeatable. Life right now is tipping us this way and that, and dance keeps us centered.”

We must never allow the child within us to leave but we do

There is a myth that if you’re a grown up, it’s silly to want to have fun. “Sometimes we play musical chairs,” explains Samiya. The reaction is hilarious. Everyone is so reluctant at first, but the level of competitiveness is amazing. We’re expected to leave the fun to our children, but we are ultimately that same soul. Anybody is most welcome.”

Why Six Senses Ibiza?

To break down these pre-set buttons, the location of the retreat is as important as the content. Samiya believes, “Everything opens up when you dance. You don’t want to be stuck in a building that is soulless. One of my clients said to me ‘you take a holiday from your sorrow’ and that really struck me. Ibiza has a magical feminine energy, more than any of the other Balearic islands I have been to. The sun and sea help, as does breathing in the beauty from your terrace, but Ibiza offers an extra ‘anything goes’ element, and this is helpful for the group, who are a beautiful mix of cultures, experiences, and personalities. What everyone is ultimately seeking is respect for who they are. Only then can the walls come down. That’s why we incorporate discussion into the program, eating nourishing meals to energize your body and mind in an atmosphere of friendship. The location means you can also absorb in nature and take private time out to swim, watch the sunset, and reflect.”

New for 2022: Argentine Tango

This year, the retreat will introduce ‘dancing with consciousness’, where the physical elements are combined with the psychological elements of who we are. “The Argentine Tango is one of the only dances where the embrace constantly changes between the leader and follower. The leader decides on the structure of the dance, and the follower creates the beauty and adornments. For this to work, it is not choreographed, it is improvised, from the beginning to end. The two energies must match without any talking. The beautiful leg work is a consequence of what is happening with the top half of your torso, your hearts and minds. If you compare that to life, it is what you are focused on. There is a requirement for a generosity of spirit, patience, and flexibility between the two dancers. You must also listen to the music. This requires you to be incredibly mindful and ‘in the moment’, perhaps more than any other activity. There is nothing structured about it but there is a safe framework. A bit like life, you don’t know what’s coming next.”

Self-growth is a duty

Especially after the pandemic, a retreat is a springboard for something new. For anyone seeking something transformative, so as not to go back to the old, this could serve as a tool to learn something new. “There should be no guilt. If you are empowered, everyone around you will be. Take it as an act of generosity on your part. This is the psychology that needs to shift. When you operate from a wounded, stressed state, the consequences are hard on your family. Self-growth is not an indulgence. It’s a duty.” Thanks, Samiya, we’re convinced!

What’s included

• 4x nights’ accommodation in a Sea View Junior Suite

• Full board of nutritious Six Senses menu (up to EUR 100 per day, excluding alcohol)

• Daily dance classes and workshops with Samiya and teacher team

• 2x private dance lessons

• 1x personal life coaching session with Samiya (optional)

• 1x Six Senses Signature Holistic Massage (60 mins)

• Social dancing in evenings

• Access to our weekly schedule of complimentary activities including yoga, meditation, fitness, sound healing, hiking and more

• Access to Six Senses Spa with use of steam room and fitness center

• Access to library and unlimited WiFi

• Welcome drink and in-room Six Senses bottled water

• Guest Experience Maker (GEM) service for your entire stay

• Transfers from and to Ibiza Airport